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Sri lanka dating customs

The kindred (, in Sinhala) of an individual often constitute the people with whom it is possible to eat or marry.

Because of these customs, local Sinhalese society is highly fragmented, not only at the level of ethnic group or caste, but also at the level of the kindred.

If there is such resentment towards a Tamil man or woman being with a non-Tamil partner, are we not being xenophobic?

Who are we, then, to speak out against the racism we experience as minorities when we ourselves are guilty of the same bigotry?

As well, I also know plenty of “pure” Tamils who are also diploma-holders and even a few high school dropouts.

The point is that one’s race is irrelevant to their education level.

Likewise, the Bible commands us to love thy neighbour.

If the basis of all religious scriptures preach peace, love and unity, what good are we doing to ourselves and those around us by acting in judgment, hatred and encouraging separation?The core of human relationships – in its most pure and valued form – seeks to find a deeper connection that surpasses the mere superficiality of an individual’s background and culture.The negative, to me, is solely based on our perception and how we choose to view the situation.Moreover, I choose not to limit my experiences and interactions with other ethnicities from a xenophobic notion that my culture will be tainted by involving myself romantically with someone of another race.I understand the reservations that some hold towards interracial relationships.

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Hinduism preaches to love the soul of an individual.

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