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“Hits the sweet spot of bestsellers – it’s about old Europe, it’s about a bookseller, it’s got Paris in the title…and it’s got that kind of woo-woo mystical thing going on, like that other big translated fiction title The Alchemist.” Marianne Messman longs to escape a loveless marriage. Her advice is to split oneself into two personalities. One personality is the artist, complete with all her complexities—childish playfulness, curious enthusiasm, passion, narcissism, unplumbed depths, sensitivity, boozing, unbridled desire to create.

On a day trip to Paris, Marianne decides to leap off the Pont Neuf into the Seine, but she is saved from drowning by a passerby. “You’re the first.” “I keep out of politics,” Jean-Marcel says. This is the side that absorbs the world and writes.

The embittered policewoman treats everyone she meets with mistrust—except for a roaming black tomcat, who works his way into her heart. Verliebt in Hamburg (In Love With Hamburg) This city guide showcases George’s most delightful, poetic and light-hearted columns from the “Hamburger Abendblatt,” along with some exclusive, new observations. For a long time now, I haven’t had to invent anything—it’s all there, in abundance, in this world and all the others. My writing routine and moxie are well developed, practiced, and I’m now ready to plumb more (thematic) depths. It took me 20 years to become famous overnight—from 1993 to 2013, when The Little Paris Bookshop landed on the bestseller list. This is my theme, and I will return to it over and over again. Sometimes you have to hone your skills before you can address your true interest as a writer to the best of your abilities. After all, no two people follow the same route to success. I reread books where authors reported on their lives as writers. He doesn’t know that his offbeat daughter, who feverishly wrote a story about books and grief in ten short weeks, will soon see her work read in Italian, Finnish and Chinese. translation rights to , thus avoiding an auction and the need to compete against other potential buyers.

Die Mondspielerin (The Moonlight Musician) It was the first time Marianne had ever made a decision on her own. Writing does not mean searching deep inside yourself. In my opinion, one of the two life-long missions that a writer must undertake is to discover her real theme—and to simultaneously flex her writing muscles in order to reverently refine this theme to the best of her ability and turn it into literature. In the coming years, find the answers to these questions: What am I compelled to write about? Let me submit two requests—with due consideration and yet conviction: 1. Yours will be different than mine, different than Nele Neuhaus’s, and Stephen King’s. Writing is never being able to say it all I spent four or five weeks thinking about this 30-minute speech, feeling my way into it. How they drank too much, loved, failed and worried. And in 23 other languages, enough to console the whole world. Then we both scream into the phone and dance a wild jig, my agent in her pajamas. I now share a publisher with Michelle Obama and Gillian Flynn. The Italians acre difficult, the Americans jealous A miracle is what has happened.

In the “The Literary Apotecary ”, a floating bookstore in Paris, Perdu sells … Wrapped in blankets, they shiver under the air conditioning. Behind me stands a French businessman who was also on the plane from Marseille. Usually, I refer them to this website: Ideas for Writers). Find out how you perceive your world—are you a visual or auditory person? What you absorb and how you absorb your surroundings is the source from which you draw your stories, your characters, colors, landscapes, sounds. They are always writing about the particular landscape of their navels. Writing means finding your own theme It took me around eighteen years to discover what I really wanted to write about. The Little Paris Bookshop was the result of a breakthrough. New York is giving us an ultimatum until five o’clock. The critic Denis Scheck called my novel “dumb” and “frivolous,” while thousands of readers wrote letters telling me how much consoled them in their grief over the death of a loved one.

Commissaire Mazan und der blinde Engel (Commissaire Mazan and the Blind Angel — writing as Jean Bagnol) - since 1th July 2015, more to read on Commissaire Mazan und die Erben des Marquis (Commissaire Mazan and the Heirs to the Marquis — writing as Jean Bagnol) Algerian-French narcotics investigator Zadira Matéo is banished to a peaceful village in the wine country of Provence. Or I tell them the truth: I don’t make anything up. Because I pay close attention to the world around me. Over the years, I’ve had plenty of time to practice and thereby develop the ability to write about what truly interests me. I had to lose everything before I could write what I was capable of, what really interested me. I’d always known I wanted to write about death, about the fear of death and how this fear holds us back from living life to the fullest. Add your own rule here ________________________________________, because writing is also this: Never listen to those who have made it. Despite everything, my father—my confidant, my inner strength—is still dead.

Thatched cottages nestled on the slopes leading down to the river like white flowers amid the luscious green of the pine trees and the meadows of sedge. She is the only one capable of separating the work’s quality from its creator and the context from which it emerged. Some people really don’t enjoy sitting in a drafty café and watching people, which, by the way, is an activity that never led me to single idea.

Born 1973 in Bielefeld, Germany, Nina George is a prize-winning and bestselling author (“Das Lavendelzimmer” – “The Little Paris Bookshop”) and freelance journalist since 1992, who has published 26 books (novels, mysteries and non-fiction) as well as over hundred short stories and more than 600 columns. The wait at the security check is twenty minutes or more. It means fame, merciless Goodreads reviews and a new photo for the dust jackets.

"George’s engrossing novel is as much about indulging the senses with succulent dishes and dazzling sights as it is about romance and second chances. Or at least to avoid being the last person in line. Hundreds of travelers with suitcases the size of coffins squeeze their way through the bottleneck to the escalator. The air conditioning system is set to a wintry temperature. He was standing in front of the book-filled entrance to Penguin Random House and asked whether I was going to finish the fruit. Before he had time to feel ashamed, I shovel a pound of cherries into the open bowl of his cracked fingers. Another beggar stands in front of the train station. “Bien sur, Madame,” he says and pockets them without moving. It would be like people reproachfully asking you or me—over and over again—why “the Germans” keep voting for Af D (the ultra-right “Alternative für Deutschland”-party). If you don’t give art what it wants, it will torment you more than your husband does. Writing will drive you to drink Writers are twice as likely to develop a serious drinking problem than non-writers.

With a profound sense of place and sensuous prose, the novel functions as a satisfying virtual visit to the French Riviera. Trains to New Orleans are traditionally six hours late. Whoever gets to the bottom first can pick a seat in the mile-long iron dragon, which will slice through the horizon, glittering in the sunshine, at a speed of 150 miles an hour. Only a few people watch movies or listen to music with earplugs. Or maybe he’s just a normal person looking for a handout. Even though “the Germans” do not, in fact, “keep voting for Af D.” Back to Madison. Unless you are willing to give up your writing—or your husband or wife—you must learn to manage an open ménage a trois. Two or three drinks make it easier—apparently—to trust one’s ideas, to tap the well of creativity and above all to open the door to that otherworld from which our stories flow. Not only is writing bright, passionate, pure, rational and intellectual, it is also dirty, demonic, fear-inspiring.

Bube, Dame, Karo, Tod (Death and the Boy, the Lady and an Ace of Diamonds) A crime novel set in Hamburg. The countless hours you spend feeling, thinking ,researching and revising remain hidden from view. Writing is to be misunderstood (by those you love) Because to write—come on, YOU…want…to write? Isn’t it for people who have something to say, or even worse, who think they have something to say? Do you actually think you could write the next Harry Potter? Welcome to the club of world explorers, people for whom one reality is never enough. An English-language edition means access to the world market, Hollywood and aggravation.

Published in the Hamburger Abendblatt’s "Schwarze Hefte" (Black Notebooks) series. Who do you think you are, dreaming that you can do this? New York prefers to keep the world market, Hollywood and aggravation to itself: Random House and its Broadway imprint, for instance.

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The feeling of having come home grew ever stronger. A final taste of Europe in the inflight meal: Breton cookies; sauvignon from the Gascoigne; framboise dessert avec du Cognac. Develop a strong, knowledgeable, emancipated craftswoman deep inside, and I promise you in all sincerity that feedback will never again wound you to your very soul. Feelings fly at me; all my senses are hyper-sensitive, which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. I picture my agent sitting on her moving boxes, eating pizza and drinking red wine. After all, my life has been nothing but chaos for the past six months.