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Impregnation dating

A dating Sim for Girls (I think I've fixed all the glitches now) also Adrian is not blood related, just for those who may get confused Note: make sure to finish the person's dialogue in order to have good ending There are some pretty big issues with your scripting...1) Whenever you click on the "stats" button, your money and HP are immediately reset to 50 2) At the shop: initially clicking "work" takes off 10 HP, but then clicking "back" takes off 20 HP 3) On the stats page: clicking "back" takes you to the town overview, not to where you last were 4) You need to list how much HP it takes to go on dates, and how much HP is spent on the actions while on a date 5) Use pronouns to differentiate between "House" and "Home" [suggestion: change "Home" to "Your Home"] 6) You need to change the guys' response scripting a bit, namely Adrian.Narwhal Rumplestilts, accompanied by his pet horse Boots Honeypie, moves to Appaloosa Plains in hopes of becoming a father to as much children as he can, as well as to sleep with all of the women in the neighborhood.Each baby receives a name suggested by Popp Tarts and Manly Tarts, where the most liked comment with the suggested name is selected.As he fathers more children than expected, Narhwal established himself as the "town manwhore of Appaloosa Plains" and was proudly succeeded by his student named Kelly KPopp.On December 12, 2012, KPopp revealed that the save file for Impregnate All the B*tches!INFACT, MY HUSBAND WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD ME I WAS PG WITH MY 3RD CHILD. the first time I lashed out at him for not folding his blanket....

The series premiered on September 12, 2012 and ended on September 19, 2012.

Then week or two later I took a test and sure enough it was positive. Soon after finding out I was pregnant he started telling me that the baby is a girl.

Sahr Patrick Fillie, Inspector of Schools in Kono District, on 24 July 2013 told the Parliamentary Education Committee at a hearing in Makeni that Kono schoolboys have vowed to impregnate school girls since government is only concerned with the education of the girl-child.

“These three went to the bank where they discovered that their salaries had stopped running and their services where no longer needed.

The three of them are yet to be replaced,” he said.

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” The Education Committee in its observations said there is a lot that needs to be done – a lot; otherwise education is still a far fetched dream for the people of Kono. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0.

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