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An antenna is nothing more than a transducer that converts free electromagnetic (EM) energy into alternating current (AC electrical power) or vice-versa.There are two basic types: the receiving antenna, which intercepts free EM energy (RF) and delivers the AC current to electronic equipment (radios, TVs, computers, cell phone chargers, lights, generator motors, heaters, fans …

Even though they are thousands of years old they are still able to function today as electrical power generating power plants. Over 80 years ago Nikola Tesla utilized a 6-foot vertical antenna rod and tapped into this free and infinite source of energy and powered a In 1932 (81 years ago) Dr Moray also successfully tapped into this free and infinite source of energy using a simple long wire antenna. The very cheap long wire antenna captures electromagnetic energy.Near the surface, the fine-weather electric field strength is about 100 V/m..” Average height of a man is 6 feet or 2 meters so 100 V/m x 2 meters = 200 Volts 6 feet off the ground.Wikipedia also states that Earth’s atmosphere is electrically charged.The electrostatic field and the difference of potential of the earth field according to investigations, is in summer about 60 to 100 volts and in winter 300 to 500 volts per meter of difference in height, a simple calculation gives the result that when such a collector is arranged for example on the ground, and a second one is mounted vertically over it at a distance of 2000 meters and both are connected by a conducting cable, there is a difference in potential in summer of about 2,000,000 volts and in winter even of 6,000,000 volts and more.” What both Wikipedia and the Canadian government are stating is exactly what Nikola Tesla and Dr.Thomas Henry Moray stated 80 years ago and tried to educate the World – that we are surrounded by a sea of energy.

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Physicists, oil and gas companies and your governments all know that six feet (2 meters) above the ground (above head height) the air is charged with more than 200 volts positive in respect to the ground.

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