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Barry watson dating

, 7th Heaven) to star as Ricky Cooper in the hour-long family dramedy Date My Dad. C., Three Musketeers) will recur as his spunky mother-in-law, Rosa.Also starring in the series are Lilah Fitzgerald (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce) as Elisa, Audrey Smallman (Family for Christmas) as Gigi and Zenia Marie Marshall (Summer of Dreams) as Mirabel.“You get these great scripts, but if casting doesn’t work out, then whatever was written on the page doesn’t really matter anymore. He just has a genuine welcoming, open, personality, which helped calm my nerves.” “When I first read the script, the Rosa character really popped off the page for me,” Barry noted.During that casting process when we were reading all the girls, it was so obvious when each girl came into the room that they were the one… ” “For instance, when Audrey came in to her audition, she was wearing a blazer and she had these new glasses on and she was like, ‘Hi guys, these are my new transition glasses.’ I just started laughing, ‘She’s Gigi! All of our jaws were on the floor after she walked out of the room.” Audrey detailed what the experience was like from her perspective. Gigi wears glasses, she is quirky, has two siblings, and is smart. “I love this character and what’s great about Raquel is she can really make Rosa pop off the screen like she pops off the page. He’s a veteran actor who has had a phenomenal amount of success in shows such as “I’d been a single father for a few years and there was a time when I was getting a bunch of single father concepts for shows, but they weren’t written right. “They were all written with a bumbling idiot father or maybe he was too perfect, but there was nothing really messy.“Barry is a versatile actor that will shine as a single dad and former professional athlete in comedic as well as endearing moments.He’s beloved by the UP audience and will appeal to new viewers who tune in to watch a familiar face,” said Barbara Fisher, svp, original programming, UP.

“Sure, you’re going to see Ricky go on some fun adventurous dates and there’s going to be a lot of comedy that comes from that,” he acknowledged, “but a lot of the series is about him dealing with the kids and family life.Timing-wise, I think this is something really needed in society, too.” Final question: “Is it Rick or Ricky? He might try to be Rick in a future episode on a date, but really, he’s just Ricky, ex-pro baseball player.” UP’s (Fridays at 9 p.m. After just one episode, these endearing characters will become your favorite TV family.ET) is emotionally-charged, uplifting television magic. Produced by 50° North in association with Every Where Studios, the new UP original series will premiere this June.Production is currently underway in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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“But it wasn’t until Barry read the actual script that he got really excited — he said the script was much better than my pitch!! ” “I think every actor kind of throws in a bit of who they are into any character they play, otherwise it would be hard for them to find the character — you have to find something within yourself to go play somebody else.

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